• CURVIMAX formula contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal ingredients which help in the development and proliferation of breast tissues and in the female hormone balance.
  • The multivitamins in the formula work to help in providing the female body with the needed vitamins to perform all enzyme needed activities and to help in the energy metabolism and as a precursor of hormone production.
  • Minerals in our formula do supply the body with the needed calcium to enhance the process of new tissue build-up.
  • Amino acids in our formula form the building protein blocks needed in the process of tissue formation (as our tissues are mainly made of protein) and also they play a part in the hormonal balance needed to help the extreme utilization of the hormones inside the circulatory system.
  • There are too many herbal ingredients in our formula which act together to fulfill the advertised action promoted, which is the enlargement of your breast. The Fenugreek, Fennel and anise help in providing flavones which are similar in action to the natural hormone (estrogen) naturally found in the female body and is the one hormone responsible for the development of the feminine features after puberty. Wild yam, Donq-quai helps in the balance of hormones in the system so that the excess of any hormone could easily be transformed to another one and this aid in the development of a reasonable balance to favor the development of the breast tissue.
  • The development of breast cells in females is mainly controlled by hormones (estrogen and progesterone), the balance between those 2 hormones is the main target for any breast enhancement product and is one of our main targets in developing our formula as the natural herbal ingredients in our formula act as and adaptogen (an ingredient which had the ability to bring a balance in hormonal levels inside the human body).
  • Although, CURVIMAX had the ability to enhance the size of your breast as it enhance the production of brand-new cells advancement in boob area and we also worked in enhancing the look of your boobs as during our study, we found that a lot of women prefer also that they had a sharp dense looking boobs, that’s why, we added ingredients to the formula to help the proliferation of tissues in this area and also help in the deposition of more fat on those breast area and this by turn, help increase the density of the tissues which in turn help to have this fuller, stunning, and booming look.
  • CURVIMAX supplement also contain an organic natural ingredients that stabilize the bodily hormone levels, thus promote bust development, increase blood flow, and alleviate signs and symptoms of premenstrual disorder, as well deal positively with countless health and wellness perks.
  • We would also like you to consider reading our section of (food and exercise) on our website as we are quite positive that this will help a lot in the quality and timing for the development of those great boobs.